The Hörknubbel®: Flexible • Indestructible • Premium Sound • Future-Proof

Since 1989 heddier electronic has been developing and engineering products designed for use in the public sector. Decades of experience and cooperative ventures with museums, exhibitions and contract furnishers inspired us to create yet another pioneering tool to accomplish extraordinary sound experiences in public domains: the Hörknubbel.

Get to know our flexible Hörknubbel along with its advantages. Our Hörknubbel is a worthwhile and long-lasting investment.


Video of MS Wissenschaft with Hörknubbel in use

The Hörknubbel excels through its high-quality premium sound that allows authentic play-back of audio files. Forget everything you heard before.

We aim to please. We grant a 36 month warranty, a 24 h spare-parts service along with the unique service to refurbish your Hörknubbel even after years of use to restore it to an almost new condition.