Armored cables in different lengths

The armored cables that go along with the Hörknubbel are a vital factor in warranting the high quality standards of the entire product. They are extremely robust and protect the cables inside against vandalism and damage. Depending on the intended use and implementation you should consider using a different length varying from the standard length that may better fit your purposes. As a special service, heddier electronic GmbH offers its clients to produce Hörknubbel on request featuring lengths that best suit the desired purposes.

We have designed a small auxiliary template that will be of help when trying to figure out the proper length.

Please proceed as follows:

   1) Download the auxiliary template
   2) Print the auxiliary template on paper
   3) If desired: glue the auxiliary template on a piece of cardboard
   4) Cut out the auxiliary template
   5) Hook up carrier plate and handset by means of a string
   6) Fix carrier plate to target position via tape
   7) Identify desired length of armored cable by readjusting the string’s length
   8) Add approx. 10 cm to string’s length.
       This way, you manage to compensate the length you’ll be losing when connecting the strings. 

Please bear in mind that the length should be sufficient to serve both taller and shorter people.  You should especially consider the needs of children and users in wheelchairs.

Please note that deliveries of armored cables featuring individually requested lengths may take longer than regularly placed orders. Hörknubbel that have already been shipped can also be modified after delivery. There will be, however, additional costs for dismantling the old cable and manufacturing a new cable featuring the request length. If at initial purchase a modified armored cable is ordered, we only charge the extra costs (compared to the standard cable).